I had a great week–I’m down 4.4 pounds!!!

Weight: 213.6

BMI: 36.7

Waist: 36″

Hips: 47″

This week went really well.  I had a lot of successes throughout the week–I made a lot of good choices because I wanted to and I was rewarded for those choices.  I was faced with some challenging decisions over the last week.  Since I am now on Weight Watchers, I can technically eat anything as long as I track in and stay within my points.  To the old me, that meant that I could have a Steak, Egg, & Cheese Bagel from McDonalds as long as I tracked it.  I could have Doritos, as long as I accounted for them.  I could have a much too large side of mashed potatoes made with full fat butter, sour cream, or milk–as long as I counted those points or exercised for the points.  This week, the new me, knows better.  Sure, I was faced with the freedom to choose any one of those things (or things much worse), but I also had the freedom to choose things that were healthy for me and in the right portions.  I chose health this week and was rewarded for it.  I feel like I finally have the control over my eating habits and desire to keep that control.

Hopefully next week goes as well as this week!