Last day before the weigh-in!  Hopefully it went as well as I think it did.

I was successful with eating all of my Medifast meals on time and getting all of my water in for the day.  For dinner, we decided to go the quick route and made some tuna melts.  We wanted a bit of a change so we made up our own recipe Zesty Garlic Tuna Melts.  For our vegetables, we roasted red, orange, and yellow peppers and asparagus.  We will definitely be roasting peppers more often!

I have tried to be extra careful the last couple days with my snacking and condiments.  Sometimes I get a little too relaxed, but if I have an extra snack, I know that is slowing down my weight loss.  In addition to making a sincere effort to get in some sort of activity at least 5 days per week, I am going to try extra hard this week to stay in control of myself and not have any extra tablespoons of peanut butter or have 3 pieces of gum and another snack later (my typical day).  One snack per day (especially if I choose peanut butter) is all I need.  I feel like the optional snack portion of this plan is the thing I struggle with the most because I can have it at any time.  Its even harder to tell myself no when there is no specific time for me to eat it.  It’s just one of those things I am going to have to decide to do and do it.  I have decided–now I just need to get it done this week.  One thing I am going to do to help myself out a bit and go on a peanut butter fast.  I think avoiding peanut butter for a week will help me focus on the number of snacks per day.  Once I have that down, I will add my peanut butter back in (cause I really enjoy it).

After dinner, we went for a 15 minute bike ride around the neighborhood again.  We both really enjoyed it, but neither one of our behinds can handle it for too long yet.  Like it would be for anyone who hasn’t biked (or exercised much) in a while, it was also quite a workout, even at 15 minutes.  I hope to just get a couple more minutes in each time we go so that we can eventually get a bike rack for our car and take them somewhere.  It would be so nice to get out and spend some time together away from our normal environment–I can’t wait!