Weight: 218.8

BMI: 37.6

Waist: 36

Hips: 47

I have had a VERY rough couple of days.  I just haven’t felt like myself and have had a lot of stress at work.  My post tonight will be brief, as I am beat from the past few days.

Yesterday, I ate the right foods, but ate two much of them.  I knew I was only that hungry because of how my day went, but I still went ahead and ate too much.  After dinner, I didn’t eat my last meal and I most definitely did not get in enough water.

Today, was about the same as yesterday–tired, ate too much, and didn’t get enough water.

As you can probably guess, I was pretty disappointed with my weight loss this week.  I lost 0.6 lbs, but lost 2 more inches off of my waist and 1 more inch off of my hips.  That indicates to me that my week was still successful (and that I either gained some muscle (all of my muscles have been sore the past few days since I have been using them more) or am holding onto water or something); I can’t help but be disappointed with the number on the scale though.  I knew this would happen at some point, I just hoped that it wouldn’t.

Looking forward to a better week next Wednesday…

(picture to be attached whenever I  get a chance–too much to do tonight)