Hello Everyone!  You may have wondered why I haven’t been posting this week and there are a couple of reasons for that.

1. I have been really busy (and will continue to be really busy for a while).

2. I have been reflecting on my journey and considering what direction I want to go.

3. I have been experimenting.

For any of you who are looking at the above and thinking OMG she’s giving up! please don’t think that–that is the furthest thing from the truth.  I will explain shortly–but first, my numbers for the week:

Weight: 218.0

BMI: 37.4

Waist: 36″

Hips: 47″

Another great week! I’m down another 0.8lbs.  Which I have decided I am 100% happy with.

So this new direction I was talking about…

I am so very happy to have taken part in the Take Shape for Life program.  It gave me the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be able to make healthy food choices and to make them without feeling deprived.  Because of Take Shape for Life, I know how to make those decisions for myself and I want to make those decisions for myself.

That being said, I want to do what I have learned to do in the program.  I want the control in my life to decide how to eat throughout my day without having to purchase food from one source (though I highly recommend the Medifast food and Take Shape for Life program for those who are like I was and need the strict plan and strict list of food).  Because of this, I have decided to go back on to the Weight Watcher’s program.

Some of you know that I have not had success on the program before and are probably confused or worried for me.  Don’t be.  Take Shape for Life has given me some things I didn’t have before confidence in myself and knowledge that I CAN make healthy decisions for myself.  It also gave me more knowledge about how often and how much to eat at once (I will still be eating 5 small meals and 1 Lean & Green, I will just not be ordering the Medifast meals anymore).   The only reasons I want to be on the Weight Watcher’s program, is there are a wide variety of tools I can use to figure out just how healthy what I am eating is when I go out to eat, it offers a quick way for me to compare how healthy certain foods are (Points Plus), and my husband is also on this program (with great success btw 70+ pounds lost!!!)  Don’t think of this as me messing with a system that was working or giving up, think of it as me embracing a healthy lifestyle and having the knowledge and confidence to do it on my own.

Onward to a new life of health and happiness!!