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Week 10 – Sunday

I slept in again today (I actually didn’t mean to, the first (and only) time I got up this morning it was already 11:15).  Because of that I had to eat some of my Medifast meals together in order to get in all of my nutrition.   I also struggled with my water today since I got up so late.  Tomorrow is another day I suppose…

Early in the day I spent some time thinking about definitions, robots, and consciousness (my husband and I talk about this a lot–I studied philosophy in school and he is a grad student in psychology so we both enjoy these kinds of discussions).  Later I played a little N64.  Around 2 we went to Hoss’s for lunch.  I got a piece of grilled chicken, broccoli, and the salad bar.  I made a my usual salad–lettuce, egg, green pepper, bacon bits, cheese, and light ranch.  I also had a little bit of low fat cottage cheese and a pickled egg.  The weather when we got back suggested rain, so I didn’t go for my bike ride or play basketball at that time.  I came in and browsed the web for a bit.  I got bored around 6 and decided to go shoot hoops and play around the world with my brother.  Since I decided not to go for a bike ride, we made sure we played longer.  We were at the park shooting around for about an hour and we were sweating when we were done.  We didn’t play one on one or anything, we just did a lot of chasing after the ball (no fence at this park) because we are both terrible (I used to be decent (really!) but I haven’t played in years) at this time.

Overall today was okay.  I got in some activity and did a good job of sticking to my plan.  I hope I can get my water in tomorrow!  Off to thaw our pork chops for tomorrow so we don’t have to go out to eat again!



Week 10 – Saturday

Today was a busy day.  I slept in a little bit (9:30 am) and had breakfast.  I had the Medifast Cinnamon and Brown Sugar cereal with Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Flavored Almond Milk which was quite yummy!  I love having cereal in the morning, it makes me feel like I’m eating like everyone else.  I spent the morning doing some educational research.  I graduated with a BA last spring and I still want to further my education, so I did a little browsing and made a few plans to help me get to where I want to be.  I’ve become very fickle lately over what I want to end up doing with my life–I guess because I just haven’t found the right thing yet.  I’m taking my time and looking around.  While I look, I’m going to prepare myself to be a better applicant when I finally get the chance to apply.

Around 11 I made whole wheat pierogies for my husband and brother and I ate a smores Medifast bar.  After lunch, I went to the grocery store and got in a little NEAT.  It wasn’t our weekly trip, so I didn’t get a lot in, but it was some (and I parked really far away)!  While I was there I decided to pick up a few things to help me take care of myself a little better, and to make me feel better about myself.  Among other things, I bought some hair dye.  I dyed my hair a couple years ago and really enjoyed the change so I decided to do it again.  I thought it was fitting too, since I am changing so much lately.  I bought a more subtle color than I did the last time (for those of you who remember), but I think the next time I do it, I will buy the one I used before.  The dye I bought this time just doesn’t seem like as much of a change (though I do like it).

After I got home I started prepping for our lean & green…well the lean portion anyway.  I knew it was going to take some time so I started it early.  I have really missed breaded chicken and have seen multiple websites with ways to use different Medifast products as breading.  I crushed up a bag of the new parmesan cheese puffs, added some extra parmesan/romano/asiago grated cheese blend and Ortega reduced sodium taco seasoning, and used that as my breading.  In another recipe that I LOVE but can’t have until I’m back in maintenance, melted butter is used to make the breading stick to chicken.  I rolled my chicken in light margarine instead and then rolled it in my breading mixture.  After I placed it into a glass baking dish, I put it in the over for 50 minutes at 350 degrees.  It isn’t my favorite recipe, but it was definitely good.  It was nice to have some texture on my chicken too.  The recipe card for this will be posted on my recipe page as soon as I finish it.  If you aren’t on the Medifast program, I’m sure you could substitute your favorite cheese puff instead–just be sure it isn’t loaded with fat or carbs (the Medifast puffs have 3 grams of fat and 14 grams of carbs, (plus lots of nutrients that you would never find in standard cheese puffs) so you could use that as a comparison).  We decided to make our green portion later in the day, since I felt like I had not done anything for myself yet at that point.

I got to play a little bit of N64 today.  I did not get any EAT in, but tomorrow I am going for another bike ride and heading over to the park to shoot some hoops (we have some leftovers from tonight so hopefully I won’t have to cook tomorrow).

Our green tonight were a variety of veggies.  We didn’t have enough of one type for anyone so we made few different kinds.  I roasted cauliflower with oil, salt, pepper, and just a touch a parmesan cheese, sautéd green beans with light margarine, garlic, salt and pepper, and heated up some peas for my husband with light margarine, salt, and pepper.  I love cauliflower, so that is mostly what I had, but I also had the green beans which were quite good–thanks to my sister-in-law for that recipe!

Something else that made my day was a short conversation with a friend.  I don’t get to talk to her much anymore, but its always nice when we get to catch up.  Little things like that brighten my day :-).  I need to start checking in on my friends more often, as I’m sure it would brighten their days too.


Weight: 219.4

BMI: 37.7

Waist: 38″

Hips: 48″

This week’s weigh in was both a success and confusing.  Somehow, I managed to gain 1.4 lbs from they day when I weight 218 (and I know I was much stricter with myself after I saw that number on the scale).  However, I am still down 2.6lbs from last week, which is a big number (and still under 220)!!!!.  This week I lost 2 inches off of my waist and 1 inch off of my hips which is something I haven’t seen in a couple weeks so that makes me feel better about the difference in weight.  One thing I have been doing differently in the past few days is exercising–maybe my body was doing a little redistributing and I gained some muscle?–or maybe my scale is old and inconsistent…I’m happy to see 219.4 regardless.

I had a very strange day.  Early in the day, I couldn’t hear out of the left side of my ear for 10-15 minutes (thats what it felt like so as someone who has worked in retail I know it probably didn’t last near that long).  Shortly after I began hearing normally I started to feel strange.  Just sitting there felt like work and if I moved at all my head hurt and I felt off balance==I was really warm most of the day.  I made it through work and am feeling better now, I just don’t know why I felt the way I did.  I ate all of my meals and got them in on time; I also drank all of my water today (88 ounces–since it is a new week I am adding another 8 ounces to my goal), so I really don’t know what would have caused this.  A friend had mentioned it could be blood pressure related (I forget if she said low or high.  Odd as it may sound, I have never had a problem with high blood pressure).  Hopefully I won’t feel like this tomorrow, I really do not want to have to go to the doctor.

We didn’t cook today.  Instead we made a trip to our local Subway.  I ordered a steak salad with cheese, green pepper, mild pepper rings, and some light mayo (I opted for a small amount of fat today even though steak doesn’t require an additional healthy fat because Subway’s dressings are loaded with carbs).

Tonight I played 2 songs on Just Dance 3 on the Kinect.  After the second song I just couldn’t do any more because our house was so hot (We only have air conditioning in our bedroom and computer room).  I wanted to play for 45 minutes to an hour because it usually flies by when I play that game, but I just couldn’t bear the heat.  Tonight will be one of my days to relax and I will plan an outdoor activity for tomorrow.

Last day before the weigh-in!  Hopefully it went as well as I think it did.

I was successful with eating all of my Medifast meals on time and getting all of my water in for the day.  For dinner, we decided to go the quick route and made some tuna melts.  We wanted a bit of a change so we made up our own recipe Zesty Garlic Tuna Melts.  For our vegetables, we roasted red, orange, and yellow peppers and asparagus.  We will definitely be roasting peppers more often!

I have tried to be extra careful the last couple days with my snacking and condiments.  Sometimes I get a little too relaxed, but if I have an extra snack, I know that is slowing down my weight loss.  In addition to making a sincere effort to get in some sort of activity at least 5 days per week, I am going to try extra hard this week to stay in control of myself and not have any extra tablespoons of peanut butter or have 3 pieces of gum and another snack later (my typical day).  One snack per day (especially if I choose peanut butter) is all I need.  I feel like the optional snack portion of this plan is the thing I struggle with the most because I can have it at any time.  Its even harder to tell myself no when there is no specific time for me to eat it.  It’s just one of those things I am going to have to decide to do and do it.  I have decided–now I just need to get it done this week.  One thing I am going to do to help myself out a bit and go on a peanut butter fast.  I think avoiding peanut butter for a week will help me focus on the number of snacks per day.  Once I have that down, I will add my peanut butter back in (cause I really enjoy it).

After dinner, we went for a 15 minute bike ride around the neighborhood again.  We both really enjoyed it, but neither one of our behinds can handle it for too long yet.  Like it would be for anyone who hasn’t biked (or exercised much) in a while, it was also quite a workout, even at 15 minutes.  I hope to just get a couple more minutes in each time we go so that we can eventually get a bike rack for our car and take them somewhere.  It would be so nice to get out and spend some time together away from our normal environment–I can’t wait!

I had a great start today; I woke up feeling refreshed and energized.  Work was fine until lunch–at that time I had to deal with a very unpleasant person which ruined the rest of my work day.  It just put me in such a sour mood.  As I said the person was unpleasant and dealing with them made me late for my lunch which of course exacerbated my increasingly cranky mood.

With the exception of lunch I managed to get in all of my Medifast meals and more than enough water for the day.  The Medifast meals make it so easy to stay on track; I really love that I can take them anywhere and always have something when I’m ready to eat.  There was a time when I would go to Wendy’s every day for lunch.  Sometimes I ate healthier options, sometimes I intentionally ate whatever I felt like, and sometimes I told myself I would eat healthier but then had whatever I felt like (frosty, cheese fries, spicy asiago chicken sandwich were a few of my favorites).  I actually ate there so much that one day one of the employees said that I was in there so much I should get a discount.  It really bothered me when he said that–probably because it was true and I knew that it should never be true of anyone.  A frequent shopper at Wendy’s?  That is just a bad for all around health–it is expensive over time, loaded with fat/carbs/calories, and generally irritating because there was usually a long line (at least during my usual lunch break) with poor service (I would wait half of my break in line just to order food if there were 2 people in front of me or 15).  I was eating there for two reasons:  I didn’t have to pack anything and it was a conveniently located.  Now I have food that tastes good that takes me 2 minutes to pack (unless I’m really indecisive that morning) and is right with me whenever I’m ready for it.  I’m happy to say that I won’t be eating at Wendy’s much anymore and if I do, I know I will pick the healthier choices.  One thing is for sure, I am never going to any fast food restaurant so much that I should have a frequent shopper card!  This change in my life is one that I thought I would never be able to handle, yet here I am choosing not to have that kind of edible stuff that doesn’t deserve to be called food.  I need to remember this when I end up in a situation where I need to eat at one of those places and know that I can and have made the right decisions.  I feel that I can officially and completely let go of that part of who I was.

For dinner tonight, we prepared much leaner beef burgers than any restaurant would ever serve.  We had 95/5 burgers with cheese made form 2% milk.  For our side we just made canned green beans because we both wanted to do some other things this evening.  Something I love about 95/5 burgers is that there is hardly any grease left in the pan after you cook them.  It makes me feel better about what I am putting into my body.

After dinner we relaxed a little bit and then went for a 25 minute walk on a new route.  It was such a nice cool evening and the area is still quiet this time of year (not for long though).  We got to see some buildings that we never did before which makes it easier to keep going on walks–it keeps them interesting.  As I mentioned in my last entry, I am trying hard this week to make sure I get some kind of activity at least 5 of 7 days.  It doesn’t have to be intense on all of the days, just movement.  My decision to have optimal healthy needs the support of secondary choices that include movement to become a reality.

I’m checking in late tonight since I worked the later shift today.

I had a great day!  I started my day by having a heart to heart with my husband about where I am, where I want to go, and how we can go about getting me there.  Always great to get those feelings off of my chest and know that I am loved and supported.  Communicating like that really makes me feel good about myself, which is always a great way to start the day!

After our heart to heart, we went out for a nice walk to get ourselves going and get some much needed activity (I’m sure you have noticed, I haven’t mentioned much activity this week).  It was difficult at first, I had some intense itching around my ankles, but I knew I really needed to get this activity in.  When I needed to, I took short breaks and I kept drinking my water.  I pushed on and made it through–I don’t always feel like I can, but today I could which also made my day better.

As expected, I got my food last night and it was easy to get in all of my Medifast meals and get them in on time today.  I was really happy at dinner when I was able to have a cookie; I haven’t had one of the cookies in probably 2 weeks (give or take a few days)!  I also got in all of my water for the day (at least my current goal of 80 ounces/day).

Before I went to work, I had my lean and green.  Today, I made omelets for everyone.  I used egg beaters, feta cheese (low fat, low carb, high awesome), scallions, and broccoli.  I love omelets because they cook quickly, leave little mess, taste great, and I can make them when I forget to thaw meat (as was the case today–I have been bad at that lately).  I cooked my veggies with light margarine, salt, and pepper.  And my cooking level increased today because they actually looked like omelets! When we were in Philly I carefully watched the person preparing our breakfast at the hotel and copied his technique of pulling the edges up and letting the uncooked egg get underneath so it can cook (which is probably standard I just didn’t realize that is how it is done because I always cooked them on a flat top when I worked in college).  Last time I cooked omelets I ended up making scrambled eggs because I couldn’t figure out how to make it work.  Hopefully next time I make them they will look even better!

I got some extra NEAT in today at work.  I ran the zamboni at work.  That is about 40 minutes of non-stop pushing a heavy piece of equipment around a large area.  I’m glad I ended up doing that since, as I mentioned earlier, I did not get in much activity this week.

Today was a significant day for me.  I had one of those moments today…one of those moments when you realize just how much your life has changed and how far you have come.  I am one of those people who no matter how much they tell you to only weigh yourself once per week while trying to lose weight I can’t help but get on daily (no worries my husband watches me carefully!).  I hopped on this morning fully dressed and weighed 218 and cried.  I was so emotional because the last time I saw a number like that was probably 4 years ago and here I am 218–down 27 pounds in 8 1/2 weeks.  Reaching a new set of 10 always makes me feel good, but crossing this threshold was special because it made me think about everything I’ve done to get here.  Sometimes I still can’t believe that I am doing this–me, not that person on TV, not the person down the street, not a family member, me.  I am actually doing it, it can be done.  I know I have a long way to go, but time just keeps flying by–I’m lighter and healthier everyday.  Seeing that number today was empowering and uplifting; it was truly a success.

Week 8 – Sunday

I had an easy day today.  I did get up late, but I went to sleep on time so I’m not too worried about it.  I know I will be getting up on time tomorrow since I have work in the morning.  I will not, however, be going to sleep on time tonight, since I have a working N64 for the first time in like 8 years (I broke its coax cable a looong time ago and my brother bought an AV cable for it today) so I will be staying up to play it 🙂  DK64 ftw!

Today I got in all of my Medifast meals and got them in on time; I also got more than 80 ounces of water today.  We put together a quick meal for dinner today, 96/4 beef burgers with reduced fat cheese and roasted asparagus.  Today we tried our asparagus with a little olive oil and a bit of Ortega 40% reduced sodium taco seasoning.  It was a nice change, even though I find asparagus roasted with salt and pepper delicious as well.

I got to decide what I want to order for my next month of Medifast meals today and I am really excited!  Medifast just added two cereals to their product line and I am going to try both of them!  Cereal is something I have missed while I have been on the program, but no more!  They also added parmesan puffs and chili nacho puffs so I hope those are as good as they sound!

Tonight my husband and I planned on going for a walk and then heading over to a nearby park to shoot some hoops.  When we started our walk, I could feel my body starting to get super itchy so we decided to drive over to the park take a quick break and then shoot around.  We had a great time once my itch went away, I’m not sure if I just didn’t notice it because we were having such a good time or if it was because I wasn’t constantly moving–either way I’m glad I found a way to still get some activity in today.  Shooting around tonight really made me miss my basketball days.  I had such a good time and I want to continue playing basketball to get some activity throughout the week.

Off to play N64 (and I can feel good about this since I got in some movement today!)!!!!!!

Today was a fantastic day!

To begin, this morning I had my weight in:

Weight: 224lbs

BMI: 38.4

Waist: 40″

Hips: 49″

To date, I have lost 21.2lbs (3.2lbs this week)! What a great feeling to have lost more than 20lbs!!!

In addition to a good weigh-in, I had a lot of fun today, without losing sight of my primary choice of being healthy. The day started off by meeting a good friend that I haven’t seen in nearly a year for lunch at Applebee’s. I ordered a piece of grilled chicken (cut in 1/2 so I could split it with my husband) and a side salad with light italian dressing, both of which tasted great. I am always a bit disappointed in salad dressings, as they always seem to be loaded with carbs, but I only had 1/2 of what they gave me, so I should be okay.

After spending some time over lunch with my friend, we continued on to Philly and checked in to our hotel. We did not have a ton of time, so we decided to walk around near our hotel and try to find some dinner. We walked around for a while and quite a few blocks and couldn’t find anything that wasn’t a chain or something that looked expensive (not many of those either though!). We ended up going to the restaurant beside our hotel (TGI Fridays), because we ran out of time to keep looking. It was great to get to see a bit of the city and get some exercise in, even though we ended up where we started. For dinner, my husband and I split a meal. We ordered the sizzling chicken and shrimp, which comes with mashed potatoes as a side. We each took a piece of chicken and three shrimp. I gave him the mashed potatoes and ordered myself a side of broccoli. The only failure with dinner was that the dish came with on of my weaknesses…tons of melted cheese! I’m certain that I ate more cheese than I should have. It just made my broccoli taste so good! I need to remember that I should eat my broccoli because its good for me, not because its smothered in cheese and makes me feel good. I’m glad that I didn’t give in to the mashed potatoes though–those of you who know me probably also know that mashed potatoes are among my favorite foods.

As it turns out, Pat’s Steakhouse is not within walking distance from our hotel and is also no where near the Mann Center (the location of the concert). The goal is to go tomorrow for lunch on the way out of town. I will be having my lean and green for breakfast and eating my Medifast meals the rest of the day. I also have extra almonds packed in case I need something else to keep my mouth busy while I smell the greasy cheesy sandwiches tomorrow. Right now I feel as though I will do fine with the challenge; however, if I am feeling weak tomorrow, I am going to have 1/2 a lean & green in the morning so that I can try to find something else close by to eat while my brother and friend eat cheesesteaks.

I have been pretty happy that everyone has been trying to eat healthy on this trip. My brother is going to have a cheesesteak tomorrow, but he has told me that he is only eating 1/2 for lunch and saving the other 1/2 for dinner. If your going to go ahead and give in to the cheesesteak, that’s the way to do it!

After dinner, we headed over to the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses which was an amazing experience. If you haven’t heard the 25th Anniversary album and you are a Zelda fan or like orchestra music, it truly is a beautiful album and I recommend you find a copy to listen to. We were lucky enough to hear pieces from it as well as additional pieces not included on the album. We even got to see the person who arranged the symphony tonight! They played all of my favorite LoZ songs along with great footage of game play. It really took me back and made me feel good about the experiences I had playing those games growing up (thanks for providing those experiences Mom & Dad!). The LoZ Symphony is another experience I highly recommend–it is still touring throughout the country for a large part of 2012.

The one thing I am being lax about it my sleep schedule–I figured 2 late nights won’t kill me 🙂


Today was a problem solving day at work.  I was really proud of myself–in the past, when I had a day like today, I would come home and use my day at work as an excuse to over eat and eat something loaded with cheese or gravy or whatever else I felt like I wanted.  Today, I didn’t do that, I didn’t even think about doing that.  I was fortunate, that my brother made dinner tonight–the whole thing start to finish so when I came home I got to relax a bit.  It was really good too, we had chicken marinated in a fajita sauce and baked.  He used his special marinating method so it was really juicy and flavorful.


I went on my walk today and I was really happy with the way it went!  A lot of times, when I exercise (even when its something as simple as walking) I get super itchy.  It usually starts in my legs then spreads to the rest of my body.  This, of course, is very discouraging.  Today I didn’t feel the slightest itch.  It’s so much easier to do whats good for my body when my body isn’t fighting me.  I hope this trend continues, but if it doesn’t I have to work through it until I can find a way to stop it (or if its caused by my weight, until I lose enough to make it stop).


All thats left is to do a load of laundry and pack for tomorrow, then I am off and can relax for two days.  Tomorrow, I am heading out early so I can meet up with a friend on the way to the hotel we will be staying at.  My game plan for tomorrow is to eat a nice light lunch (1/2 a lean & green) with my friend and a light dinner (another 1/2 lean & green) before we go to the concert.  I am also going to pack lots of Medifast meals so I have a few choices throughout the day.  Further, I am going to pack some almonds as a snack for during the concert, just in case.


Its always tempting to just say that “Oh, I’m on vacation,” but if I do that, it will be that much harder for me when I’m not on vacation.  I WILL NOT HAVE A PHILLY CHEESESTEAK!


Wish me luck!

Week 7 – Monday

Have you ever had one of those days that just kinda drags on?  Today was that kind of day for me.  I woke up on time and went to work.  Work was VERY slow today…lets just say, I got caught up on all my paperwork and when I was done, I still had 3 hours left of work!  Basically, all I had to do today was monitor my eating habits–which went well.

After work, my husband and I decided neither one of us felt like cooking or cleaning up after ourselves in the kitchen today, so we decided to go out for dinner.  This is always a challenge when you are trying to limit your fat intake and especially if you are trying to limit your carb intake.  I did a great job though.  I ordered a piece of grilled chicken and the salad bar.  That’s one nice thing about going to Eat n’ Park, they don’t give you funny looks or question your order, they just give you what you ask for (I have had one exception to the previous statement there but when I go anywhere else it seems to happen a lot more).  There is no–What? You don’t want a bun??? Are you sure??  It’s included in the cost…  -.- Salad bars can be dangerous, in addition to the usual restaurant temptations.  Not everything on the salad bar is something that should go on my salad and in the past, I have assumed that if it was on there it must not be that bad for me.  I put lettuce, green pepper, red pepper, mild pepper rings, a small amount of egg, a small amount of cheese, and 1/2 a ladel (I believe the ladels on the salad bar are typically 2Tbsp, so 1/2 would only be 1Tbsp, I would have to double check though to be sure) of ranch dressing (the only fat free option was fat free french which is loaded with carbs, with chicken as my protein I get one healthy fat, so I opted for a little extra fat instead of carbs–we will see whether or not this was the right decision) on my salad tonight.

After dinner, my head hurt and I was feeling nauseous, so I ended up laying down for a bit.  It helped, but I still just wasn’t feeling much like doing anything.  As such, I didn’t do much of anything after dinner.  Since today was a day of little activity, I want to be sure I go for my walk tomorrow.  Since my brother will be cooking tomorrow, I am also going to try to get in a little Just Dance 3.  I have a lot of fun when I play that game and if you use the non-stop shuffle option, you can get a lot of activity in without taking pauses every 3 minutes to pick what song you want.  I should also be getting in some NEAT activity tomorrow, since we need to pack for our mini vacation Wednesday & Thursday.

As promised, my lamb recipe:

Italian Style Lamb Chops

Note: I would make sure you are careful about the lamb you purchase.  Try to find lamb that is lean and boneless.  Our lamb tasted great, but we ended up wasting a lot of it because we bought it bone-in and with a lot of fat that needed to be trimmed.