Yesterday and today have been much better days for me–I have been able to relax and have some fun.

Thursday  my family went out to dinner with my mom for her birthday.  We all went to Eat n Park, where we all ate healthy.  I had the salad bar with my usual salad, a spoonful of cottage cheese, and I ordered a piece of grilled chicken with a slice of american cheese on top (it’s so simple but so yummy!).  I didn’t order any side veggies, because I wanted a larger salad.

Today, I was off and had a dentist appointment.  Right after I was done at the dentist, my husband and I went out for a breakfast date at Denny’s.  I had a western omelet (ham, peppers, onions, cheese) and a side of …broccoli!  Something else I had this morning was coffee–I haven’t had coffee in a long time and it tasted great/felt good.

I have been very good about getting in all of my Medifast meals and eating on time today.  It rained all day today, so I didn’t get to go for a walk with my husband like we wanted to.  Hopefully we can get one in tomorrow before I head in to work.

A day of work tomorrow and then 2 days off in a row!  Hopefully, after Monday, I will be refreshed and begin feeling better (I’m still pretty tired today)!!!

Thank you for the encouraging comments (on my blog and otherwise)!