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I had a great start today; I woke up feeling refreshed and energized.  Work was fine until lunch–at that time I had to deal with a very unpleasant person which ruined the rest of my work day.  It just put me in such a sour mood.  As I said the person was unpleasant and dealing with them made me late for my lunch which of course exacerbated my increasingly cranky mood.

With the exception of lunch I managed to get in all of my Medifast meals and more than enough water for the day.  The Medifast meals make it so easy to stay on track; I really love that I can take them anywhere and always have something when I’m ready to eat.  There was a time when I would go to Wendy’s every day for lunch.  Sometimes I ate healthier options, sometimes I intentionally ate whatever I felt like, and sometimes I told myself I would eat healthier but then had whatever I felt like (frosty, cheese fries, spicy asiago chicken sandwich were a few of my favorites).  I actually ate there so much that one day one of the employees said that I was in there so much I should get a discount.  It really bothered me when he said that–probably because it was true and I knew that it should never be true of anyone.  A frequent shopper at Wendy’s?  That is just a bad for all around health–it is expensive over time, loaded with fat/carbs/calories, and generally irritating because there was usually a long line (at least during my usual lunch break) with poor service (I would wait half of my break in line just to order food if there were 2 people in front of me or 15).  I was eating there for two reasons:  I didn’t have to pack anything and it was a conveniently located.  Now I have food that tastes good that takes me 2 minutes to pack (unless I’m really indecisive that morning) and is right with me whenever I’m ready for it.  I’m happy to say that I won’t be eating at Wendy’s much anymore and if I do, I know I will pick the healthier choices.  One thing is for sure, I am never going to any fast food restaurant so much that I should have a frequent shopper card!  This change in my life is one that I thought I would never be able to handle, yet here I am choosing not to have that kind of edible stuff that doesn’t deserve to be called food.  I need to remember this when I end up in a situation where I need to eat at one of those places and know that I can and have made the right decisions.  I feel that I can officially and completely let go of that part of who I was.

For dinner tonight, we prepared much leaner beef burgers than any restaurant would ever serve.  We had 95/5 burgers with cheese made form 2% milk.  For our side we just made canned green beans because we both wanted to do some other things this evening.  Something I love about 95/5 burgers is that there is hardly any grease left in the pan after you cook them.  It makes me feel better about what I am putting into my body.

After dinner we relaxed a little bit and then went for a 25 minute walk on a new route.  It was such a nice cool evening and the area is still quiet this time of year (not for long though).  We got to see some buildings that we never did before which makes it easier to keep going on walks–it keeps them interesting.  As I mentioned in my last entry, I am trying hard this week to make sure I get some kind of activity at least 5 of 7 days.  It doesn’t have to be intense on all of the days, just movement.  My decision to have optimal healthy needs the support of secondary choices that include movement to become a reality.


I had another fantastic day today.  I got up early, spent some time with my husband, got in all of my Medifast meals on time, drank more than my daily water goal and even got a bit of NEAT and EAT today.

Today we decided that we couldn’t put off grocery shopping any longer, so we made a list and went shopping.  I always like making a list before we go because I know what we actually need and want before we even leave the house.  When I have a list, I don’t have to spend forever at the store because I am just walking through the aisles picking up whatever looks good.  Instead I have made that plan ahead of time and am choosing the right foods and just enough of them.  I also move with purpose, I move around faster at the store because I’m just trying to get what I need and get out.  We have been really consistent with our grocery bill when we do this too, it has been the same +-$5.00 the last few times we have gone.  It really helps ease our anxiety when we go because we know what to expect money wise and that we will have enough to take care of ourselves for the week.

Since we went shopping (and lets face it–neither of us felt like cooking today), we stopped by Sheetz to pick up salads on the way home.  Today I got a steak salad with romaine lettuce, eggs, feta, green peppers, mild pepper rings, and bacon bits.  When I got home I added some fat free low carb Santa Fe dressing.  I normally love my Hidden Valley Light Butttermilk Ranch, but since I had steak on my salad, I didn’t want to add any extra fat–the steak had all I needed!

Something I have noticed about myself lately is that I have been eating a lot of salads–not because I have to, but because I want to.  It’s really nice to know that I am actually starting to enjoy and even prefer foods that are good for me.  That’s not to say a salad can’t be unhealthy, because many of them are.  I haven’t been eating salads like that though and I’m still enjoying them!  I think I have been liking them so much because it is such an easy way to get in a lot of veggies without a ton of cooking (if made at home) and you get to mix all the flavors together.

I was also happy with myself today because I actually wanted to go for a bike ride.  I didn’t go far or for very long but it was enough to make me sweat and feel like I got a good workout in.  I really enjoyed myself while I was out; I enjoyed being out of the house and doing something with my body.  I hope that I can continue to get better at it so that I can last longer and travel some more scenic routes than around the neighboring blocks.

The exercise portion of my program is something that I really need to begin focusing on.  I feel like I am good at making the right food choices; I just need to make sure that I am fully committing myself to health and getting in some movement.  I have found a couple things that I can do that are fun for me, so I should be able to start getting activity in on more days throughout the week.

What kinds of activities are fun for you and get you motivated to move your body?


The following link is a great post about curbing sugar cravings:

I’m checking in late tonight since I worked the later shift today.

I had a great day!  I started my day by having a heart to heart with my husband about where I am, where I want to go, and how we can go about getting me there.  Always great to get those feelings off of my chest and know that I am loved and supported.  Communicating like that really makes me feel good about myself, which is always a great way to start the day!

After our heart to heart, we went out for a nice walk to get ourselves going and get some much needed activity (I’m sure you have noticed, I haven’t mentioned much activity this week).  It was difficult at first, I had some intense itching around my ankles, but I knew I really needed to get this activity in.  When I needed to, I took short breaks and I kept drinking my water.  I pushed on and made it through–I don’t always feel like I can, but today I could which also made my day better.

As expected, I got my food last night and it was easy to get in all of my Medifast meals and get them in on time today.  I was really happy at dinner when I was able to have a cookie; I haven’t had one of the cookies in probably 2 weeks (give or take a few days)!  I also got in all of my water for the day (at least my current goal of 80 ounces/day).

Before I went to work, I had my lean and green.  Today, I made omelets for everyone.  I used egg beaters, feta cheese (low fat, low carb, high awesome), scallions, and broccoli.  I love omelets because they cook quickly, leave little mess, taste great, and I can make them when I forget to thaw meat (as was the case today–I have been bad at that lately).  I cooked my veggies with light margarine, salt, and pepper.  And my cooking level increased today because they actually looked like omelets! When we were in Philly I carefully watched the person preparing our breakfast at the hotel and copied his technique of pulling the edges up and letting the uncooked egg get underneath so it can cook (which is probably standard I just didn’t realize that is how it is done because I always cooked them on a flat top when I worked in college).  Last time I cooked omelets I ended up making scrambled eggs because I couldn’t figure out how to make it work.  Hopefully next time I make them they will look even better!

I got some extra NEAT in today at work.  I ran the zamboni at work.  That is about 40 minutes of non-stop pushing a heavy piece of equipment around a large area.  I’m glad I ended up doing that since, as I mentioned earlier, I did not get in much activity this week.

Today was a significant day for me.  I had one of those moments today…one of those moments when you realize just how much your life has changed and how far you have come.  I am one of those people who no matter how much they tell you to only weigh yourself once per week while trying to lose weight I can’t help but get on daily (no worries my husband watches me carefully!).  I hopped on this morning fully dressed and weighed 218 and cried.  I was so emotional because the last time I saw a number like that was probably 4 years ago and here I am 218–down 27 pounds in 8 1/2 weeks.  Reaching a new set of 10 always makes me feel good, but crossing this threshold was special because it made me think about everything I’ve done to get here.  Sometimes I still can’t believe that I am doing this–me, not that person on TV, not the person down the street, not a family member, me.  I am actually doing it, it can be done.  I know I have a long way to go, but time just keeps flying by–I’m lighter and healthier everyday.  Seeing that number today was empowering and uplifting; it was truly a success.

I had a very refreshing day today. I slept in, spent a bit of time with my parents, and got to relax for a large portion of the day. My food didn’t get here until 6pm, so I struggled with my Medifast meals again until then. When my food got here I was really excited! I tried the fruit cereal and it was really good! I’m so excited to be able to have cereal in the morning! I love getting up early enough to eat breakfast with my husband so I’m glad I can have something more similar to what he is having.

I haven’t gotten in all of my water today, but tomorrow is a new day and I believe I will be able to get it all in.

I am also feeling much better today! Feeling ill or tired makes life seem so hard sometimes–hopefully I won’t feel like that again for a while! I like being/feeling healthy and being in control of my actions. I plan to get a good walk in tomorrow since I was less active this week.

When my parents came out to visit they took us to dinner (thanks again Mom & Dad). We went to Eat n’ Park again (it really doesn’t get old) and I had a Gardenburger with a slice of cheese–no bun, of course. I also ordered a side of broccoli and the salad bar. I ordered the side of broccoli so that I would only make 1 trip to the salad bar and so that I would not get the cottage cheese they have on the salad bar (since I was already getting enough protein in my garden cheeseburger, cheese on my salad, and egg on my salad). I decided what I wanted before I even went up there and stuck to it.

Today, I read a little bit about willpower in the Habits of Health workbook by Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson. He points out that if you are going to rely on willpower, you are going to fail. It’s just the wrong way to go about it. We shouldn’t be focusing on avoiding things that are bad for us or tempting us; we need to be focusing on our choice to be healthy. Don’t focus on what you can’t have; focus on what you want and what you can have. When we see a donut we shouldn’t tell ourselves that we can’t have it. Rather, we should look at the donut and think about whether or not it supports our primary choice–that is, the choice to be healthy. We decide that the donut is not healthy for us, so then we need to make our secondary choice whether to eat the donut. Hopefully, that secondary choice will be to have a glass of water or an alternative snack that is healthy. Sometimes, we will still decide to have the donut–and that is okay, as long as we actually took the time to think about it rather than just gobbling it up. We are never going to be perfect, we just need to be responsible to ourselves and make decisions rather than letting things happen.

In addition to what Dr. Anderson says about willpower, Gailliot et. al. in their article published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Vol. 92 No. 2 pg 325-336 in the year 2007 titled Self Control Relies on Glucose as a Limited Energy Source; Willpower is More Than a Metaphor (you can read it yourself as it is available for free using Google Scholar), found that using your willpower temporarily makes you less able to use it in the future. That means when you pass up the donut at 9am using your willpower you are less likely to be able to use your willpower at lunch when you are invited out for pizza. The reason this happens is blood glucose is an important fuel for the brain. When the frontal lobe is deprived of blood glucose, it is more difficult to exert self control (or willpower). The front lobe has been shown in multiple studies to be associated with self control and inhibition.

When we rely on willpower, we are making it harder on ourselves for the next temptation. I used to think I just didn’t have the willpower, but in reality most (if not all) don’t have the willpower either. We need to think about it in a positive way and start making food choices–we need to think about everything we eat before we eat it and how it relates to our primary choice to be healthy!

Also, as far as I can tell the best way to avoid having to use your willpower and instead be a decision maker–plan ahead! Decide what you want to eat throughout the day before you are put in front of all of those temptations. When is the best time to plan ahead? Probably right after you have had a healthy meal when your blood glucose levels are up!

Week 9 – Thursday

Today was another rough day.  I tried to fall asleep early last night and found myself still awake well past my bedtime.  As a result, I woke up exhausted again today.  I didn’t feel ill like I did yesterday, just a minor headache that was annoying.  I truly can not wait to be off tomorrow! Between trying to get to bed early and having the ability to sleep in if I need to, I should get back on track with my sleep tomorrow.

Same as yesterday, I didn’t do well with eating all of my meals and eating them on time.  I wasn’t happy with the meals I packed and just couldn’t bring myself to eat them.  The meals were too dry, I ran out of water, and was too busy to refill while I was at work.

I did do well with my lean & green choice.  Since I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, I forgot to thaw meat for dinner tonight.  We decided to head to Sheetz so I could get a salad and add dressing from home.  I got a grilled chicken salad with romaine lettuce, egg, feta cheese, green peppers, and mild pepper rings; at home I added 2 tbsp of Hidden Valley Light Buttermilk Ranch which tastes incredible.

I can’t wait until tomorrow night when my next order of food arrives!  I’m really excited to try the new cereal and to have more brownies, bars, (and especially) cookies!  I feel like I need the excitement of a new order and new month to help get me going again–I just don’t feel like I have been myself the last 2 days.

Hopefully with a day off and the upcoming weekend I will be feeling normal & on track soon!


222.0 lbs

The Good News: I’m down another 2 lbs–even after a 2 day vacation and my anniversary in the same week!!!!

Weight: 222.0 lbs

BMI: 38.1

Waist: 40″

Hips: 49″

The Bad News: Today was awful.  I had a pretty good day at work, but I started to feel worse and worse as the day moved on.  I just didn’t feel right beginning after lunch.  I started to have a pressure headache along with nausea.  As a result, I didn’t eat all of my Medifast meals or eat on time today.  I also struggled to get in my water.  I’m heading to bed early tonight (right after I finish this post) so that I can try to catch up on my sleep–I have been neglecting this part of my health the last few days and I think it may be at least part of why I felt so ill today.

I wish I had more to talk about, but as I said I didn’t eat much or even on time, so there isn’t much to report–other than today was definitely not a successful day.  I need to make sure I get in all of my water tomorrow so that I don’t get out of fat burning.  Hopefully some rest tonight will leave me feeling rested and energetic tomorrow so I can get back on track.  I’m going to make sure I find a few meals that would be easy to eat when I’m sick and stash a box of them away–that way, when I have a day like today I have something small and easy to eat and can stay on plan or at least have a better chance of staying on plan.

Yesterday was a fantastic day!  I felt like my day at work went quickly (which is strange, I usually find that my days go slowly when I am anticipating something fun) and that I didn’t have to work hard to follow my health plan.

After work, I came home for a quick change of clothes and to pack for our night out.  When we were ready, we went to Red Lobster.  We wanted to go there because we had a beach honeymoon and we ate a lot of seafood while we were there–eating seafood helped us to celebrate our first year together the way we celebrated our marriage originally.  We also liked that most seafood is in the TSFL “leanest” category, so we could feel good about what we were eating (as long as we ordered the right things of course).

I ordered Lobster, Crab, and Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms, broccoli, and asparagus–all of which were delightful!  The only downside to my meal was that the Stuffed Mushrooms contained a high amount of sodium–1100mg!  To put that in perspective, those of us who do not need to watch our salt intake should get about 2300mg of salt each day.  Fortunately, I rarely add salt after my meal is cooked anymore, so I probably didn’t reach the limit for the day.  This is one more thing I love about Red Lobster (besides making me feel like I’m back on my honeymoon and being delicious), they are very transparent about their nutritional information and the nutrition facts for all of the dishes on their menu.  I am a big believer in transparency–it really is a must if we are to make good choices for ourselves.  For all of the seafood fans out there, they also have a lot of good looking recipes and tips for healthy cooking on their website; I look forward to trying one of their recipes at home!

I was also proud of myself because I didn’t have a single bite, nibble, or lick or their cheddar bay biscuits which have a smell and taste that used to get me every time.  We ordered a to go bag for them right away to help conceal the appeal of them while we were enjoying our meals.

Right after I was finished eating, I had a very intense hunger pang. I knew I wasn’t hungry, so until it went away I just kept drinking my water.  I hate when I finish eating a satisfying meal and then feel hungry.  Thankfully, it usually doesn’t last long, so if I wait it out I realize I don’t actually need to eat anymore.

Yesterday and today were great days for water–I easily got in all 80 ounces that I was shooting for each day this week.  This week I’m going to increase the amount of water by 8 ounces so I drink 88 ounces of water each day.

Today was a more difficult day at work, but it was a good kind of difficult–if that makes any sense!  I had a lot to do, but I would always rather be busy (the day moves faster and I get paid more when we are–both of which are always a good thing) than bored.  I did struggle to eat my meals on time, though, which makes things difficult.  Today, for example, I started one of my meals at 3:30, but didn’t actually finish it until close to 5!  Its hard to decide when to eat next when the window is so large!  It made me pay more attention to signs that I’m hungry or not hungry today since I didn’t have a definitive time to wait 3 hours from.  I also had to readjust my meal times twice today because I ate late twice.  I prefer to be in control of my meals and when I eat rather then just let them happen.

I ate my lean and green meal in two parts today.  I had the lean for breakfast (our hotel had free hot breakfast) and the green after work.  At the hotel I had a small piece of ham and a little bit of scrambled eggs.  I am always wary of scrambled eggs when I didn’t cook them, because they can have a lot of milk or cheese in them.  Later, I had an all veggie salad with a bit of vinegar and oil.

I had a fun, relaxing day yesterday, and a fairly good day today.  I hope my weigh in tomorrow goes as well as I think my week has gone!


Just posing to let everyone know that I didn’t forget to blog today. My husband and I are having an electronics free night to celebrate our anniversary so you will all hear about my day tomorrow!

Week 8 – Sunday

I had an easy day today.  I did get up late, but I went to sleep on time so I’m not too worried about it.  I know I will be getting up on time tomorrow since I have work in the morning.  I will not, however, be going to sleep on time tonight, since I have a working N64 for the first time in like 8 years (I broke its coax cable a looong time ago and my brother bought an AV cable for it today) so I will be staying up to play it 🙂  DK64 ftw!

Today I got in all of my Medifast meals and got them in on time; I also got more than 80 ounces of water today.  We put together a quick meal for dinner today, 96/4 beef burgers with reduced fat cheese and roasted asparagus.  Today we tried our asparagus with a little olive oil and a bit of Ortega 40% reduced sodium taco seasoning.  It was a nice change, even though I find asparagus roasted with salt and pepper delicious as well.

I got to decide what I want to order for my next month of Medifast meals today and I am really excited!  Medifast just added two cereals to their product line and I am going to try both of them!  Cereal is something I have missed while I have been on the program, but no more!  They also added parmesan puffs and chili nacho puffs so I hope those are as good as they sound!

Tonight my husband and I planned on going for a walk and then heading over to a nearby park to shoot some hoops.  When we started our walk, I could feel my body starting to get super itchy so we decided to drive over to the park take a quick break and then shoot around.  We had a great time once my itch went away, I’m not sure if I just didn’t notice it because we were having such a good time or if it was because I wasn’t constantly moving–either way I’m glad I found a way to still get some activity in today.  Shooting around tonight really made me miss my basketball days.  I had such a good time and I want to continue playing basketball to get some activity throughout the week.

Off to play N64 (and I can feel good about this since I got in some movement today!)!!!!!!

This is a great post about the dangers of sugar and just how much sugar we actually consume!

L-Jay Health

Hi everyone! Monday, July 23, 2012 starts the first day of LJAY HEALTH 30 days of eating no refined sugar challenge.  The challenge will end on Friday, August 24, 2012. If you are looking to see increased fitness results or just an improvement of overall health you should join the challenge. This challenge will also test your mental strength as well!

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Refined sugars consist of foods such as cakes, cookies, candy, table sugar, foods with high fructose corn syrup (donuts. chocolate…

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