My name is Kayla and I am on the journey to optimal health.  I am on the Take Shape for Life (TSFL) program which provides me with a health coach.  Throughout the coaching process, it was recommended to me that I start a journal of my successes, challenges, and failures along the way so that I can look back on them for future reference and motivation.  Keeping a journal will help me to realize what the causes of my actions are, good and bad.  In addition, I can look to my journal and see that I can make it through hard times on this long and difficult journey.

I decided to share my journal with the world for a number of reasons.  The first, is to keep me posting.  If I were to keep a private journal on my computer, I can almost guarantee that I would never write in it.  It just was never something I felt like I had the time or motivation to do.  Having a public journal keeps me posting since hopefully at least a few people will be following me along the way.  Another reason I wanted to make it public is to keep me open and honest with myself.  This may sound counterintuitive, but it truly helps me.  No one out there wants to read about a perfect journey, because it doesn’t exist.  I also want to be honest so that myself and anyone following me can learn and grow from my experiences.  Finally, I want this to be public so that anyone else on this journey can have support and know that they are not alone.  It can be difficult when our culture keeps throwing out quicker meals that contain less and less actual food and nutrition.  Its tempting to go with the 15 minute meal (and quite often, tasty), but we must continue on and know that our bodies can’t handle that (even if it seems like they can now).  We must say no to the current diet of America.  Reversing the obesity epidemic starts with me and you.  Once we take care of ourselves, we can educate our peers and the next generation so that they do not have to go through what we are going through today.

If you decide to follow me–thank you for your support.  Anyone on this kind of journey needs all the support they can get.  If you have any encouraging words along the way, please feel free to post them!  I often need some extra motivation.

Within my blog, I have and will continue to include links that I find encouraging, informative, or useful in some way to my journey.  These links include information about the program that I am on–if you would like further information about the plan I am following, click on the TSFL link and browse the site.  If you decide that you would like to follow the TSFL plan, make sure you sign up for a FREE (yes really, its actually free) health coach before you order your first month of food, because they can help you order it and help you save money.

I wish the best of luck in wherever life may take each and every one of you!