Today was another rough day.  I tried to fall asleep early last night and found myself still awake well past my bedtime.  As a result, I woke up exhausted again today.  I didn’t feel ill like I did yesterday, just a minor headache that was annoying.  I truly can not wait to be off tomorrow! Between trying to get to bed early and having the ability to sleep in if I need to, I should get back on track with my sleep tomorrow.

Same as yesterday, I didn’t do well with eating all of my meals and eating them on time.  I wasn’t happy with the meals I packed and just couldn’t bring myself to eat them.  The meals were too dry, I ran out of water, and was too busy to refill while I was at work.

I did do well with my lean & green choice.  Since I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, I forgot to thaw meat for dinner tonight.  We decided to head to Sheetz so I could get a salad and add dressing from home.  I got a grilled chicken salad with romaine lettuce, egg, feta cheese, green peppers, and mild pepper rings; at home I added 2 tbsp of Hidden Valley Light Buttermilk Ranch which tastes incredible.

I can’t wait until tomorrow night when my next order of food arrives!  I’m really excited to try the new cereal and to have more brownies, bars, (and especially) cookies!  I feel like I need the excitement of a new order and new month to help get me going again–I just don’t feel like I have been myself the last 2 days.

Hopefully with a day off and the upcoming weekend I will be feeling normal & on track soon!