My experiment in the kitchen paid off today!  We had some yummy lamb steaks for lunch today.  Unfortunately, word press will not let me upload the recipe file at the moment, so I will have to upload it tomorrow.  I will attach it to tomorrow’s post, as well as list it in my recipe page.  Recipes found on that page are my own, unless denoted by a link or credit next to the recipe in parenthesis.  Again, I am an amateur, but as I come up with/find recipes I enjoy, I want to share them with you 🙂

Today my husband and I went on a date to the movies to see The Dark Knight Rises.  It was a great movie!  Movies, though, can be quite the challenge for anyone trying to be healthy–especially those who are trying to lose weight.  Instead of purchasing food at the concession stand, we packed our own snacks (I know this is taboo but I will not be badgered into eating poorly and emptying my wallet because they want to make a sick amount of money off of me!)  I packed Medifast cinnamon pretzel sticks and 2 Medifast bars so that I could choose what I wanted (I needed two meals because the movie was nearly 3 hours itself and we went over early).  For my husband I packed a small bag of chocolate teddy grams.  We did purchase 1 drink each (though next time we will be packing those too $8 for a 20 oz bottle of water and medium diet soda, I might need to get a larger movie going purse though!).  If I am ever feeling more tempted to buy food at the theatre (I was feeling quite strong today), we would  take  no credit/debit cards, only cash–and just enough to cover the cost of the movie.  That way, we only go and buy what we came there for, movie tickets, setting ourselves up for success.  Today, we didn’t need to do that, neither one of us felt like we wanted any of that anyway.  If you have seen and liked the first two batman movies (in the Nolan series), I highly recommend going to see this one!

I also got my exercise in today which feels great.  Its nice to get it started and to know I’m doing it in such a way that I will be able to handle it and won’t lose motivation.

Two more days then a weigh-in and mini vacation on Wednesday! Can’t Wait!!


PS–Word Press is also not letting me tag this post right now…tags will be included tomorrow sometime, assuming Word Press is working as usual.