Today was another easy day–for the most part.  My stress levels were low today and I did not have any trouble eating on time or getting in all of my water.  I only had one little mishap today: I had 2 snacks instead of 1.  My first snack was 3 pieces of sugar free gum (spread throughout the day).  My second snack came when I made my last Medifast meal for the day.  I made a brownie and saw our jar of peanut butter sitting on our kitchen table.  It looked really good so I decided to put a tablespoon of peanut butter on my hot brownie.  It tasted delicious, but I hope it doesn’t hurt too much!  New Rule:  Put the Peanut Butter away after anyone is done with it so that we don’t all have to look at it and be tempted!

I have set a goal for myself over the next few days–the goal is not directly related to my weight loss (though poor sleep quality does have an effect!), but it does have a direct impact on my health, which is my ultimate goal:

Incorporate 2 healthy habits into my nightly routine to improve the quality of my sleep (I do so much wrong when it comes to my sleep environment!).

One thing I am going to do is go to my bedroom with enough time to get 1 episode of whatever show I want to watch before I am ready to fall asleep.  When the show is over, I am going to turn the TV off, so that the light/sound will not effect my sleep.  The second habit I am going to start is a consistent sleep schedule every night regardless of when I work or what day of the week it is.  In order to be awake by 7 each morning, I need to be asleep by 11pm.  That means I need to start the falling asleep process by 10:30 each night and I need to be in my bedroom by 10pm (I guess I will have to start tomorrow!).